Without Words - English

A man. A woman. God or Life. Two large bags. Words that won’t come out. A white square. Two tooth-brushes. A bass clarinet. Two bunches of carrots. Words that won’t come out. A candle. Two handkerchiefs. A lipstick. A map of France. A loop station. A birthday. Clothes. A kiss. A dance. A meal. A gift. Words that won’t come out. An encounter. A trip. A quarrel. A separation. A dreary reunion. Death.

Loosely based on Act Without Words II from Beckett, Without Words tells the story of a couple lulled by day to day existence and cowardice, who will live a lifetime without ever actually meeting. Through systematic acts and the fulfillment of a routine in a repetitive pattern, the beginning often finds itself at the end, even when life seems out of surprises.

Without Words is the first creation of the company written specifically for theaters. Bouncing off the dreamlike quality of the location, it explores the space as a dream, a tragic absurdity and a field of paradoxes where laughter and tears collide, rattle and merge into “the unbearable lightness of being”.

Written and performed by Lilou Des Bois and Clément Chaboche. And With Julien Stella - Music creation by Julien Stella - Light Design by Alexandra Crance

1h - Indoor

Supports: L'arrOndi (Lieu de fabrique), Espace Jemmapes, Centre d'animation Château Landon (Paris 10),  Chapiteau Méli-Mélo

Résidence de Création
du 2 au 30 Septembre à L'ArrOndi
26 & 27 Décembre Espace Jemmapes
courant décembre: Centre d'animation Chateau Landon (Paris 10) & Chapiteau Méli-Mélo
du 6 au 25 Janvier: Centre d'animation Chateau Landon (Paris 10) & Chapiteau Méli-Mélo

12 octobre 2013: L'arrondi, Portes ouvertes.
30 et 31 janvier 2014: Tricklock International Theatre Festival 2014.

-work in progress-