Silence, the test of time, questions, humor, naivety..these are words that we all must relearn, re-appreciate, and re-test. Taking back our bodies to our essentiel paths, purify our mouvements in a near empty space in witch every object is precious; creating physical metaphors in order to make the invisible visible. Mime is nothing more than the art of body that thinks. The art of expressing with the body an emotion, a thought, a story, a relationship, or a point of view. In an immensily partitionned society in witch our bodies are maltreted, in witch word have lost their meaning, in witch culture no longer as a propre place, we force ourselves to revitalize our emotions where we legt them to choke.

Using elements of mime, clowning, acrobatics, object manipulation, theatre, music and dance, Macadâmes makes plays in witch poetry rises from he mixing of genres. Macadâmes refers to their experience with the musicality of mouvement, the embodiment of sound, the chill of tragedy, and the sentiment of love...all delivered in an entirely universal language understodd by evryone, regadless of where they come from or what languages they speak.
Formed and based in Paris, France, Macadâmes physical theatre is a mariage of know-how still aiming at the same aspirations: to link the greatest of emotions to the greatest number of people.

Chaussée Interdite aux Piétons
(Roadway Closed to Pedestrians)
Si les oiseaux se cachent pour mourir
(If Birds hide to die)

La douleur n'est qu'une information
(Pain is only an information)