Pain is only an Information

Creation 2013
A play for an Actress-Mime, two Musicians and a trash bag

30'- On the spot - A place - For Everyone 

A woman comes out her bin. That contains all of her letters, ones she wrote, she received, from her sweethearts, her lovers, her loves... Does she have to toss it ? Can she ? Tormented by unanswered questions, his precious burden leads her to an improbable journey where is difficult to dicerned who controls whom. The public space would become this infinite open book, that blank page on which she could pour and scream all of her love.
Two musicians, guardians angels and accomplices are the tightrope walkers of this sliding world, between fiction and reality.
A trip into the heart and mind of a romantic heroine where mime, object theatre, dance and live music blend together to talk about our little contradictions, our tender and ironic paradoxes.

Corporal writing & Interpretation: Lilou Des Bois
Music Creation & Intepretation: 32 (ClR et Mélou)
Text: Ben Herbert Larue
With the artictic help from Clément Chaboche 

Supports: Chapiteau Méli-Mélo, Théâtre Le P'tit Ouest, Théâtre Robert Auzelle


La plage des 6 Pompes - Août 2013 - Alain Ripert (son site ici)

Video Work in progress

Rouen, Automne 2011