If Birds hide to die

Creation 2014
A wild quartet for public toilets
in collaboration with cie Passanbleu

In the near future, humans no longer have the right to express their emotions in public. The notion of privacy no longer exists. The standardization is required. In this society, all the toilets are in the street, without a door or lock. They are collective and monitored by cameras. One day, in this toilets, four people of this world, for a trivial reason, crack. Together, they live their last moments, waiting for death to come.

Corporal writing an interpretation: Lilou Des Bois, Clément Chaboche, Nelly Donnat et Hugo Ferron
Music creation: 32 (ClR & Mélou)
Costumes Creation : Eva Lochon
Scenic design: Jean-Marc Bernard
With the Artistic help from Julien Athonady

45 min - On the spot - A place

Supports: Région IDF, Animakt, Dispositif Pistes solidaires (Arcadi & 2R2C),Théâtre du Présent, Maison de l'Université de Mont St Aignan, Chapiteau Méli-Mélo, Bernay-Festival Coté cour Coté jardin, Le Moulin Fondu, Le théâtre de l'Unité, Nil Obstrat
Private Producers: Vincent Garreau, Clémentine Julle-Danière, Arleri Corinne, Sylvie Ferron, Magalie Thuillier et Guillaume Cramoisent, Fanny Baconnais, Jean-Luc Guillotin et Benoît Lestoquoy

Presentation video